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Fernando Figueroa & Chilean Folk Ensamble

Buscando la Cordillera by Fernando Figueroa, performing Satiago de Compostela Spain

Fernando Figueroa & Chilean Folk Ensamble

          Performing at the Chilean Embassy. London, England

Fernando Figueroa Students 2016

Fernando Figueroa Students 2016

The Jazz Shed
Music Studio & Master Class
 This CD was recorded at Fernando Figueroa's studio with students from the Kapiti Music Centre, private lessons and Te Ra Waldorf School from the year 2016. Each track is special because of the students spanning different ages as well as some newly learning to play and others fine tuning their skills and learning to play improvised solos. Track number 7 uses many sounds recorded from a workshop using recycled materials to make instruments. The only “real” instrument is the guitar.

1. Old Mc Donald: (Recorder and singing) Manna Peregrine, Isaac Marchant, Victor Monnet-Bonnifait, Kailash Foley, Phoebe Corin (Guitar) Miyah Shelton

2. Permutation: (Saxophone) Joseph Brunoro Beilman

3. Three Little Birds: (Recorder and singing) Manna Peregrine, Isaac Marchant, Victor Monnet-Bonnifait, Kailash Foley, Phoebe Corin (Bongo drums) Loan Sven Wanning

4. My First Melody: (Guitar) Quinn Hollywood, Theo Main (Drums) Quinn McAlister

5. Clarinet Blues: (Clarinet) Mathew Waterhouse, Robby Van Grounon

6. Pukeko Rhythm: (Percussion) Loan Sven Wanning

7. Recycled Train: (Recycled instruments from workshop) Eddie Kemp, Jacob Callwood, Mana Tito, Rueben Hulme-Mori, Ethan Krivan-Wall, Owen Buckland-Jones, Finn Harris from Te Ra School

8. Watermelon Man: (Saxophone) Catherine Chandler

9. Pop Improv: (Guitar) Theo Main, Bobby (Drums) Quinn McAlister

10. Chameleon: (Saxophone) Nicholas and Jack Harman

All accompaniments and arrangements by Fernando Figueroa except Track 10 which uses the backing track of Hall Leonard.

A big thank you to all the students and parents for your support and time in making this possible. Although not all students were able to take part in the recording they were all part of the bigger process 2016.

Production, Mixing, Mastering: Fernando Figueroa
Recording Assistant and Co-ordinator: Fernando Figueroa & Luciana Howell-Kress
Graphic Design: Mark Howell

The Jazz Shed: www.fernanmusico.blogspot.com nosbemoles@gmail.com 02108804995